12 Days of Mindful Moments


As we transition into the holiday period we understand just how easy it is to feel overwhelmed, frantic, pressured and in need of a drink or any other form of escape. We understand how easy it is to get caught up in the ‘festive season’ waking each morning feeling sluggish, unmotivated and switching straight into autopilot mode.  We would love to support you in this period to consider all the ways in which you can be more present, more creative, and more caring for those closest to you, and especially to yourselves.

First, we invite you to join us in developing a mindfulness practice over the course of 12 days.  This practice can be a brand new practice, a deepening of an existing practice, or a return to a practice where you are able to find moments to return to yourself.  We promise to provide you with email support, we invite you to join a private Facebook group which has been established purely with the intent to support our wider community.  We invite you to take a step back.  To explore what it means to be mindful. To feel more present and to find more purpose in each and every moment.  We wish to show you how to do this is a simple, structured way.  12 days.  12 emails.  12 videos.  12 challenges.  Available to you in your own time, without adding to your feelings of overwhelm or pressure.

Finding a moment to tune in and listen to the sound of your own breath has the capacity to shift the resonance within your home and within yourself. It truly does. This is why we want you to join us daily for moments of your time. Prioritising care for yourself; as we truly believe those moments are the most important details of your day.