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The Space offers breath-inspired, alignment focused, creative yoga practice, infused with radical self care principles to restore the body systems and heal the deeper layers of ourselves.  We welcome students of all levels and from all backgrounds.  We ask that you come with one thing – a curiosity to explore and deepen the awareness and acceptance of your true nature – allowing for a journey of discovery, richness and truth.

The teachers at The Space are committed to teaching in a manner which supports each and every student and our greater community of yogis.  We offer diversity through a range of Vinyassa flow classes, yin yoga, restorative yoga, beginner yoga, parents yoga as well as workshops covering a variety of topics from both guest and residential teachers.

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Our team

We have a team of wonderful teachers who work together to bring you a wide range of classes and workshops.
Our team consists of Cass, Amy, Maddi, Amanda, Beth, Dee and Sam.  Please read more about them below.

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Meet Cass

Cass is a Mamma and a yogi.  First introduced to yoga 15 years ago, she dropped in and out of the practice and teachings depending on her life circumstances, that was until two things happened.

Firstly she met her 'forever' teacher - Santina - in January 2012,  then she birthed her son Archer in 2015.  Both guide and teach her with love and kindness and provide the motivation for Cass to strive for the best version of herself.

Having completed teacher trainings with Nicky Knoff Yoga, My Health Yoga and The Yoga Space Cass brings a wide range of knowledge to her classes.  It is however the direct experience of practicing with Santina for the past seven years which guides her current teachings.  This is parampara: a Sanskrit word that denotes the principle of transmitting knowledge in its most valuable form; knowledge based on direct and practical experience. It is the basis of any lineage: the teacher and student form the links in the chain of instruction that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Originally teaching Vinyasa yoga for five years it was in November 2017, Santina advised Cass she was ready to teach her personal practice – that of Ashtanga.



Meet Maddi

Maddi's experience with yoga expanded when she stayed in an Ashram in Central America completing 150hr teacher training in Hatha Yoga and Meditation.  Throughout this time she immersed herself in the teachings and began to see a new side of herself that she hadn't known before.

Maddi's appreciation for the practice shifted from being a tool for physical movement (asana) to a way of discovering the deeper layers of self.  For someone who was always moving from one moment to another this new introspective was a welcomed change of lifestyle.

Yoga keeps Maddi grounded, and when she first stepped into The Space as a student she felt a deep sense of belonging.  Maddi is currently completing a further 350hr teacher training and mentoring program with The Yoga Space in Perth and is looking forward to returning to teaching at The Space in May.


Meet Dee

I was introduced to yoga 19 years ago and have been mesmerised by its ability to transform and heal ever since. Over the years my practice has evolved to reflect the changing nature of life (age, relationships, births, deaths) which is reflected in the classes I teach.
Two core mantras that shape yoga for me are:
“Motion creates emotion” and “If you do not transform your trauma, you transmit it.
Trauma (emotional responses to issues or distressing) accumulate in the body and if they are not moved they become stuck and can manifest in mental ill health presentations such as anxiety, PTSD and depression. When this happens, people respond to you as these presentations not through the personality you are without the stress. The yoga I share uses the body’s wisdom to clear away stress giving permission to our hearts and minds to open beyond the limitations we place on ourselves.
I love having fun with yoga so it’s possible that we fall out of poses because we are laughing too hard which is what keeps me coming back to the mat!

Meet Mack

Coming Soon.... 

Meet Sam