"Yoga is not about self-improvement, it's about self-acceptance" Gurmukh

Below you will find a list of our current classes.  We have a range of options available to suit all levels of practice.  If you are a complete beginner we suggest you start with either Begin, Relaxation or Arise.   Should you wish to learn Ashtanga please make contact with Cass so she can Please note the classes on offer change from time to time so it can be helpful to review every now and then.


A dynamic style of yoga that synchronises breath and movement whilst flowing through a series of poses.  There are three components to this system Asana (posture) Pranayama (breath) Dristhi (eye gaze). 

We offer three options for learning Ashtanga. For absolute beginners, we recommend you find your feet, and your breath at BEGIN. Ashtanga LED is a general level class allowing you to focus on learning the flow and timing of Ashtanga. For those looking to deepen their awareness and strengthen their practice we have MYSORE.

align & flow:  

This is a fun and playful 60min Vinyasa flow class which focuses on alignment and waking up the mind, body and soul. Now with the option of light hand weights to really increase your cardiac output!

Beginner Yoga Courses: 

Learn the first half of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  We run re-occuring 6 week courses to gently guide you through the primary series which will also assist in establishing a home practice.  Next course starting January 2020. In the mean time please enjoy BEGIN or Ashtanga LED.


A Beginner level Ashtanga yoga class. Here you will learn the importance of Tristhana - the symmetry of breath, posture and gaze. This practice will increase attention span, improve breath work all while build strength and stability.


A gentle restorative yoga/yin yoga fusion.  Perfect for yogi’s who are looking for the antidote to their fast paced, digitally connected lives.   Come breathe, relax and release tension from the mind and the body.


This beautiful class incorporates the use of traditional yoga postures while also call on Rebekah’s knowledge and training in Shamanic practices. Expect meditation, chanting and learning to develop rituals to deeply anchor you in the moment.

Qi flow:

A flowing sequence of spinal movements which are linked to breathing. This class will help you to focus on moving vital energy through the body, ultimately leaving you feeling balanced and revitalised - a perfect way to start your weekend.

mindful kids:


Yoga for kids 5 -8 years.  These are fun, active and calming classes which teach mindfulness in a creative and non-competitive way. Through physical practice, yoga nurtures flexibility and freedom of movement and helps to build healthy bodies and minds.  Most importantly, yoga provides kids with a space to just ‘be’ and develop their radiant little selves while cultivating compassion. They then relate to friends and family in the same way. What a gift to the world.