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Essential Oils For Emotional Wellbeing

The Art and Science of Blending Oils for Emotions.

Though we often think of a single word to describe our emotional state of mind, defining true emotion is never that simple. For example, people who feel 'afraid' are usually experiencing a combination of emotions (lack of control, helplessness, uncertainty etc) that are working together but are labeled simply as 'fear'. 

To best address a high-level emotional state like fear, we suggest supporting all the associated emotions as well. While a single oil can always make a difference, a synergistic blend of supporting essentials oils can help address all the layer of complexity of our feelings.

Rollers include:

- Sweet Perspective
(for when you are feeling burdened).

- I am Vital
(for when you are feeling stuck of dormant)

- I am Divine
(for when you feel alone, disconnected or faithless)

- Heart at Peace
(for when you feel like & your heart are at odds).

- I am Grateful
(for when you are feeling negative or pessimistic).

- I am Grounded
(for when you are unable to see life's gifts).