pricing and Membership options

Looking to join us for a class?  We offer a variety of pricing options to suit you no matter of your lifestyle or level of practice - whether you're a once a fortnight kind a yogi or a daily practitioner.

Please note: there are strictly no extensions/suspensions on Intro Offer, 5 or 10 class passes. 
All memberships have options to suspend depending on the circumstances (not casual membership). 
Requests must be made prior to suspension date range.

new to the space?

Or perhaps we haven't see you for 12months or more?
Purchase an Introductory Offer $79 for 1 month unlimited yoga.

General class passes:  

Casual $20

10 Class Pass $170 (valid 6 months)

20 Class Pass $330 (valid 8 months)


membership options:






We invite you to immerse yourself in the practice. The practice of yoga. The practice of meditation. The practice of you.

Unlimited Yoga and Meditation Classes at The Space.

$39/week or $480 for 3 months.


We invite you to elevate your practice. To go further than you have been before, commit to yourself and to seeking clarity and inner wisdom.

  • Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Classes at The Space

  • One workshop of choice each quarter (13weeks).

  • One x 60min private yoga session or reiki or massage each quarter (13 weeks).

$45/week or $550 for 3 months.


Now is the time to truly commence your healing journey. This is a full healing package which will provide you with support from our entire team. You will receive unlimited Yoga, Meditation, with your choice of Reiki and Massage each month with crystals and essential oils.

$64/week or $750 for 3 months