Oil Spotlight - Lavender.

Today Cass is going to talk us through some of her favourite uses for Lavender and also give us a few insights into how she uses this oil.


Lavender is one of the most versatile oils and something I use in both my family home and the studio on a regular basis.  Lavender is one of those smells that people either love or hate, and my husband is a hater.  I am fairly neutral about the smell actually, so I guess I am the exception to prove the rule?  I am not neutral about the oil itself though!  Lavender was the first oil that I managed to create an emotional anchor for my son Archer.  When he began daycare I applied Lavender and Balance on him everyday and would say 'You are brave, You are strong; You are loved'.   I had plenty of guilt about sending him to daycare, so I honestly believe that the oil and the affirmation was as much for me as it was him.

Over time, Archer became a little older and he would then say his affirmation rather than me say it to him.  Eventually he became so comfortable at daycare I kinda slowed down with the oils - sometimes I'd still add a drop of each on his shirt (or Lavender Peace in place of Lavender) but it wasn't a strict ritual anymore.  About 1 year ago Archer did some clever art work with my bright red Mac lipstick.  Mostly over himself which was pretty cute... but I quickly grabbed Lemon oil, put some on a wet washer and began to clean the lipstick off.  Of course I forgot about some insect bites he had on him.  As soon as the Lemon oil hit them he began crying!  I then applied coconut oil to his skin and mixed a drop of lavender with FCO to soothe the irritated bites.  As soon as Archer smelt the oil he placed his hand on my face and said 'Mamma, you are brave, you are strong, you are loved'.  Oh my, I almost started crying.  He was emotionally anchored to the smell of lavender!


  • Diluted with a carrier oil to soothe irritated skin.

  • Diluted and applied to the chest and neck to ease big emotions.

  • In the diffuser with Balance and Wild Orange.

  • In the diffuser with Easy Air.

  • In a massage balm.

  • Diltued and applied to the feet and shins to 'ground' energies.



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