Team Spotlight - Cass.

Over the coming months we thought we would take the time to interview each team member so that you get to know us all a little better.  What better place to start than with Cass!

Cass is the owner of The Space and has been teaching yoga in Karratha for the last 5 years.  Having trained with Nicky Knoff, My Health Yoga and The Yoga Space in Perth, Cass also brings a wide range of life experiences into her teachings.   Cass is currently on ‘maternity leave’ (well her face is around The Space less often than usual), as she welcomed her beautiful rainbow baby Mathilde last month. This interview took place prior to the birth of Mathilde.



What drove you to open The Space?

I feel like The Space just evolved organically.  After the birth of my first son, I started doing some deeper inner work with regards to releasing my fears, and social conditioning. In particular I started working with the affirmation of "I am enough', and suddenly my classes became more popular and I started viewing myself as a yoga teacher (vs the imposter story I had previously subscribed to!).  Around that time a friend approached me to open a wellness space with her, but ultimately she decided it wasn't right for her.  However, by that time my intention had been set and everything else just evolved into what we now know as The Space.

What has been the biggest lesson for you in the almost 2years since opening?


Gahhh... oh so many!  1.  I'm was not very good at setting boundaries. 2.  I was not very good at asking for help/delegating tasks.  The Space has taught me I'm a 'Doer', and had the following challenges not presented themselves I probably would have completely burnt out.  I actually wonder some days how we have managed to stay open! 

The day we opened my Dad unexpectedly died.  About 1 month later I was pregnant which tragically resulted in a pre-term birth due to a condition known as Cervical Incompetency (I know, right! Who names a condition that??).   So six months post opening I had lost my Dad and then my son.  At that time The Space was mostly me. I didn't have any other teachers working with me so I had to just keep going.  I feel like most of 2017 was lost to grief and just as I was coming out of that grief stage I discovered I was pregnant again.  I was beyond grateful and full of joy, but of course I was also apprehensive, and rightly so it seems. 

When I was 16 weeks pregnant we discovered my cervix had opened and I had bulging membranes.   Despite having a surgical procedure to correct this, it happened again at almost 19 weeks pregnant.  It is a miracle that I still have a growing, thriving baby inside of me, but it has also meant I have finally learnt how to: 1.  Set boundaries and say no, and  2.  Ask for help.  My wonderful team have run The Space without me from May - July.  I am so amazed at their willingness to just step in and keep things running in my absence.  I am the most fortunate person around I think!

What has been the biggest gift The Space has given you?

My team and of course my yogi community.  They are the ones that have held me & supported me to keep going and not give up.

If you could teach the world one thing, what would it be? 

To breathe.  Just to fill your diaphragm, feel the breath come into the body, like really feel it... and then feel the sweet joy as you release all that you don't need.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I am a Mamma, a yogi, a wife, a teacher, a communicator and a lover of life.

What is your vision for The Space's 3rd year of operation?

We are focusing on 2 words 'Growth' and 'Expansion'.   I look forward to sharing with you soon what our plans include. 

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Just for fun - the last thing you...

Ate: Beetroot and blackbean burger
Drank: Water
Listened to: East Forest interviewing Elena Brower
Read: Moon Magic.
Watched: Robocar Poli (I have a three year old who gives the best cuddles if I sit with him to watch an episode of 'the rescue team)'.