Crystal Set - Productivity

Crystal Set - Productivity


A set of three tumble stones which have been hand chosen to support you in creating a clear vision and working towards that vision productively.

- G R E E N F L U O R I T E -
Encourages focus. Clears negative energy. Known as the ‘genius’ stone, Fluroite represents the highest state of mental achievement. Enhances creativity.

- C L E A R Q U A R T Z -
Master healer. This cleansing stone works on all chakras to provide balance and alignment. Clear Quartz brings strength and clarity by aiding concentration and memory retention, filtering out distractions.

- C A R N E L I A N -
Boosts confidence. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance said to support leadership and courage.

All three tumble stones come in a velvet pouch bag with explanation card.

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