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Practice. Restore. Heal.


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A space to practice, restore, heal

The Space team welcomes you to our spacious, light-filled studio for you to seek refuge and retreat from the fullness of modern life.  We offer a place for healing, transformation and the promotion of radical self care.


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Yoga.  Meditation.  Mindfulness.

We believe that this will offer you the tools for self-reflection, self acceptance, self-compassion.  Yes yoga can increase your flexibility, improve your balance and help you loose weight, but we belief that the inner growth that comes from self-awareness is what will drive your transformation.

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Work, family and social commitments can leave us feeling depleted and lethargic, so that even if we had the energy for yoga it wouldn’t support us enough to reach true vitality.  We believe strongly in supporting your emotion, physical and spiritual well being with not only a physical practice but with natural health and wellness products such as essential oils, naturopathic grade teas and natural body products.

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When the mind, body and spirit is aligned and supported through practice and restoration, deep transformational healing will occur.  We believe this is best supported with complimentary
therapies such as Healing Meditation, Massage and Reiki.